Female Scottish names

Female Scottish names

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Aili is a bird competing
Aline is a bird competing
Alice - elf victory
Anstis - recovery
Atoll - New Ireland

Beilig - God is my oath
Beitris - the traveler (through life)
Bernas - bringing victories
Biteg - life
Blair - the battlefield
Berebel - foreign, strange

Glenna Valley
Gormlate - illustrious, luxurious lady, princess
Griselle - the gray maiden
Greer - cautious, alert
Gavina the White Hawk

Davina - beloved
Dayorbhorguil - True Evidence
Dyorbhail - true proof
Devordgilla - True Evidence
Deairidh - the pilgrim
Jamecina the Destroyer
Jesse is good god
Jin is a good god
Jin is a good god
Gini is a good god
Genie is a good god
Ginny is a good god
Jinty is a good god
Dina the sea warrior
Doilig - World Ruler
Valley - World Ruler
Dollag - world ruler
Doleg - World Ruler
Dolenna is the world ruler
Donald is the world ruler
Donaldina - world ruler
Donella is the world ruler
Donna is the world ruler
Donneg - World Ruler
Davena's favorite

Ilesade - god is my oath
Imhair - ready
Ina is shorthand for longer names ending in "ina"
Innes - island
Innis - island
Jonah - island
Isibail - God is my oath
Isla - island
Ishbel - God is my oath

Kam - curved nose
Kenzi - pretty, exactly made
Kenina - pretty, accurately made and born of fire
Kenna - pretty, made and born of fire
Kirsty is a follower of Christ
Kirstia is a follower of Christ
Kirstin is a follower of Christ
Kirstin is a follower of Christ
Catrayona - clean
Cameron - crooked nose
Karishna - follower of Christ

Leslie - garden of poddubov
Lilas - lily
Lilis - lily
Lillias - lily
Lindsay - Wetlands
Liuseidh - light
Logan - emptiness, lowland
Ljall - she-wolf
Lacina - land by the lakes

Mackenzie - pretty, exactly made
McKenna - daughter
Margaret - pearl
Marsailly - Warlike
Merdina - the sea warrior
Merdeg - the sea warrior
Merdenn the Sea Warrior
Merron is fair
Moyna is a little noblewoman
Mor - big
Morag - big
Morna is a favorite
Mkheri - beloved
Maigrid - pearl
Madie is a young woman
Macy - pearl
Mary is the beloved
Maryad - pearl
Muraiol - the bright sea
Mureol - bright sea

Neilina is the champion
Netta is the champion
Normina is a resident of northern Europe
Normanna is a northern European
Nandag - benefit, grace

Oairig - new, colorful

Peigi - pearls
Paisley - Church

Homeland - swamp, island
Rona is a wise ruler
Rhona is a wise ruler
Ragnade - Fight

Sile is blind
Sain is a good god
Senga - thin
Seoneg - good god
Seonaid - good god
Silis - Blind
Sinig is a good god
Slane - health
Sondra - Protector of Humanity

Turleg - the instigator
Tiseg - good god

Fionola - white shoulder
Fenella - white shoulder
Finella - white shoulder
Finola - white shoulder
Frangag - free

Hectorina - protection, hold fast

Chirsty is a follower of Christ

Edme - dear, beloved
Eilidh - torch, moon or secretly escape
Eimher - ready, fast
Eimhir - ready, fast
Eirik - new, colorful
Eithrig - the new motley
Eila is a bird and a rival
Eily is a bird and a rival
Eilia is a bird and a rival
Eileen is a bird and a rival
Eileen is a bird and a rival
Eilis is a noble species
Ayles - elf victory
Ayles - elf victory
Aylesie - elf victory
Ainley - forest
Ainsley - hermit's forest hut
Eytbhrik - new, colorful
Elspeth - God is my oath
Elspeth - God is my oath
Elspie - god is my oath

Yubh - alive, living
Yubha - alive, living
Yuna the lamb

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