Serbian male names

Serbian male names

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Andria - man, warrior
Anthony is invaluable

Good, Good - gentle
Boyan - battle
Bratislava - brother of glory

Wook is a wolf
Vukashin is a wolf
Basil the king

Goran - Mountain Man

Djordje is a peasant
Dejan - enterprising

Dimitrie - loves the earth
Dobrilo - encourages excellence in others
Dobroshin - perfection
Dragan - dear, beloved
Dragoslav - precious glory
Dushan - soul

Elijah is a god, my god

Jovan is a good god
Joseph - he will multiply

Kristian - follower of Christ

Lubomyr - the world of love

Miomir - aroma
Miljan - charm
Milun is kind
Mikhailo, Mikhailo - who is like God?

Neboisha - fearless
Nemanja - poor, bad
Nenad - unexpected

Obrad - happiness

Predrag is precious
Pavle - small

Radmilo - happy benefit
Radovan - happy

Sava is an old man
Slobodan - freedom
Slavolyub is magnificent
Srechko - luck
Stevan - crown

Tihomir - peace

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