The stupidest crimes

The stupidest crimes

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Once, during one of the scout rallies, a policeman showed the teenagers how his service dog can find drugs even in the most unusual and secluded places. Imagine the amazement of others when the dog found drugs in the purse of one of the young scout mothers present. The woman was arrested, despite the tears of her child, right in front of him.

A young man armed with a shotgun entered one of the grocery stores. The situation developed according to the classic storyline - the guy put the muzzle to the cashier and ordered him to get the cash and put it in a sports bag. The frightened employee began to fulfill the requirements of the robber. However, this was not enough for the criminal, he wished to put a bottle of whiskey in the bag. The cashier refused, because he could not make sure that the bandit was over 21 years old - after all, his face was hidden under a mask. Even though the shotgun was still aimed at the store employee, a heated argument ensued that ended with the robber asserting his rights as proof that he was already an adult. Taking the prey, the bandit disappeared. However, an hour later he was captured by the police - the supervising cashier managed to memorize the name and surname of the offender, which he reported to the police.

One woman reported to the police that she had just stolen a car. She also said that she forgot her mobile phone in the back seat of her car. The police decided to test the hijacker's intelligence by calling the number indicated by the lady. Imagine the surprise of law enforcement officers when the hijacker picked up the phone! The policeman introduced himself as a potential buyer who had long dreamed of buying just such a car for an impressive amount. The criminal's greed defeated his ingenuity - he arrived at the appointed place, where he was arrested. Thus, the lady returned her car, and the cops - to catch the hijacker, rather quickly.

A typical situation is when a robber tries to rob a bank. Only in this case the robber was not only stupid, but also illiterate. Arriving at the "Bank of America", he wrote the phrase on a letterhead: "Get all the money, this is a culling", after which, like everyone else, he stood in line at the cash register. The line was long and moving slowly, while the robber waited, doubts began to overcome him: what if someone saw him and called the police? Then he crossed the road and entered another bank - "Wells Fargo", where he also stood in line. There were much fewer visitors here, and soon he appeared before the cashier, presenting his demands to her. However, the bank employee turned out to be much smarter. She realized that the offender was clearly stupid and told him that she could not fulfill his demands, since he had another bank's form. The girl demanded that the robber fill out the document of this particular institution, otherwise she would not be able to fulfill his request. The bandit, puzzled by this development of events, decided to simply leave, while the cashier, meanwhile, called the police. The failed robber was quickly caught - after all, he decided to try his luck again at the "Bank of America", standing in line there.

A curious incident took place in England. There, one driver violated the driving rules, which was recorded by the radar. It is logical that after some time the reckless driver received by mail a receipt for the payment of a fine in the amount of 40 pounds, as well as a photo of his car and the number on it. The driver decided to joke and sent a photo of those 40 pounds to the police. However, soon the joker received an envelope in which he saw a photograph of the handcuffs. The Englishman realized that people also serve in the police with a sense of humor, so he paid the fine as expected.

A hearing was taking place in one of the courts. A certain citizen was accused of possession of drugs, but he denied it in every possible way, indicating that the search was carried out without any reason and without a warrant. The policeman motivated his actions by the fact that he did not like how the accused's jacket was bulging out. It was also noted that he behaved nervously, which served as the basis for the authorities to suggest that weapons were stored under his clothes. The accused stated that such an assumption is absurd, since there is simply nowhere to hide a pistol under this jacket. He was just in it and decided to show it inside out, taking off his outerwear to leave it to the judge. Imagine the surprise of those present when a packet of cocaine was found under the jacket. The meeting could no longer continue - the judge and the prosecutor were simply out of work because of laughter.

One defendant in the case of armed robbery decided to refuse the services of a lawyer, as he allegedly did not conduct his case well. As a result, the man was forced to defend himself and he did it pretty well until the prosecutor called the main witness. It turned out to be the manager of the very institution that was robbed. She immediately recognized the accused by sight, saying that he was the criminal. He suddenly boiled, began to accuse the woman of lying and trying to frame him, after which he added that he regretted that he did not take her head off when he had the opportunity. Of course, the accused immediately caught himself and began to add the words "if I were there." However, the jury immediately became clear. The verdict was pronounced soon - the criminal went to jail for 30 years, and his main prosecutor was not a witness, but his own language.

One young man, loitering around, suddenly noticed that not far from him the police were demonstrating to the teenagers how their navigation computer works, into which they drive all the information. To allay the boredom, the guy offered his car equipment to test the operation of the equipment, as an experiment. After a short analysis, the computer revealed that the owner of these documents had been on the wanted list for two years on charges of armed robbery. As a result, the children were able to contemplate not only the work of the computer, but also the police themselves, who quickly twisted the criminal and took him to the police station.

Once, two armed young men broke into a record store, behaving very nervously at the same time. One of them began to threaten the cashier with a pistol, shouting that he would shoot anyone who dared to move. The second robber went to the safe for the loot. His partner decided, apparently, to prove that he is a man of his word and shot his accomplice. This frightened the shooter so much that he threw the body of a friend right in the middle of the store and ran away. It was not difficult for the police to find the second criminal - he was a close friend of the killed.

One very wealthy American decided to relax and indulge in a box of excellent collectible cigars. It should be noted that they were very expensive. To prevent unforeseen situations with his purchase, the mister insured them against all kinds of accidents, including fires. A month later, the cigars ran out - the owner smoked them, and he had not paid the insurance premiums yet. However, the American turned out to be greedy and cunning to just leave this business - he turned to the insurance company with a request to pay him insurance. The insurers were very surprised when the impudent demanded from them compensation for the cigarettes he lost, which were burned out as a result of small fires. And the fires were included in his insurance! In English, fire and fire are designated by one word, as a result, a small incident happened. Of course, the insurers refused to pay compensation, because it was clear to everyone that expensive cigars had already been smoked, and now the dodger is also trying to get his money back. However, the client was so stubborn that he sued the insurance company, accusing it of non-compliance with the terms of the contract. Most interestingly, he won the case. Although the judge acknowledged the absurdity of the charges, his documents confirmed his innocence. In the presence of the policy itself, insurance against the flame and the damaged property. In the document itself, they forgot to specify what kind of fire the cigars are insured against. The company was sentenced to compensation in the amount of 15 thousand dollars. The insurers decided not to appeal, but paid the full amount. However, they did not give up so easily. As soon as the cunning man received the full amount, he was immediately arrested, never having time to enjoy the success. The basis was the same insurance policy and the client's admission in court that he smoked cigars. The company regarded this as deliberate damage to the insured property in the form of arson. And the client did it, scary to say, as many as 24 times! Now the lawsuit was initiated by the insurance company. The truth triumphed - the cunning man received not only a fine of 24 thousand dollars, but also 2 years in prison.

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