The most famous gods of sex

The most famous gods of sex

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Beautiful people have always attracted attention. These strong desires determined the appearance of the gods.

Omnipotent beings must look the most beautiful for people to worship and love. The most famous such supernatural beings will be discussed.

Shochiketsal. This goddess was worshiped by the Aztecs. Her name translated from the Nahuatl language meant "Precious lightest flower", which is very suitable for a being responsible for love. On Xochiquetzal, she was also responsible for other aspects of Aztec life - for flowers, the course of pregnancy, and even prostitutes. In general, in the local pantheon, it was one of the most popular deities. In honor of Shochiketsal, a holiday was held every eight years, at which her admirers put on animal masks. The fact of the direct connection of this goddess with marriage ties gave her the right to be considered the wife of the rain god Tlaloc. Xochiquetzal, unlike other goddesses of fertility among the Aztecs, is depicted as a beautiful young woman. This leads to a dispute for her other gods. It is believed that she was once stolen by Tezcatlipoc, the god of the night, in spite of Tlaloc's wife. The kidnapper forced Xochiketsal to marry him, making her the goddess of love. From this marriage, Quetzalcoatl was born, known as the feathered serpent god.

Kliodna. In Irish mythology, this goddess is depicted as a banshee or banshee queen, in fact, fairies. But she is also responsible for love, it is no coincidence that she is considered the most beautiful woman in the world. And if other deities tied themselves in the bonds of love and marriage, then Kliodna kept her chastity for a long time. Her chosen one was not at all an equal celestial, but a mortal named Kiabana. Legends say that he was also the most handsome man who ever lived on Earth. Kliodna fell in love so much that she even left the abode of the gods, Tir Taymgir. But this did not like the other Gods, who made a deal between themselves to return the escaped. While Kiaban was not at home, Kliodna was lulled on the seashore with the help of the minstrel's music. Then the waves of the sea carried away the goddess. Now in this part of Ireland the waves of Kliodna are visible at sea. That legend has two endings, both not particularly happy. According to the most tragic version, the unfortunate goddess drowned in the sea, the option of her return to Tir Taymgir looks a little better.

Tu Er Sheng. In Chinese mythology, there is a rather unusual representative of the divine pantheon. Another name for Tu Er Shen is Hu Tianbao. It is known that he was originally an ordinary person, but eventually became the god of love and marriage, that's just same-sex. Tianbao was born during the reign of the emperor from the Qing dynasty. One local official became the passion of the future god. To satisfy his interest, Tianbao began to follow him through a hole in the bathroom. But the cunning man was caught and beaten to his death. The gods took pity on the lover, whose feelings remained unrequited. Hu Tianbao was resurrected and became the god of homosexual relationships. And in China itself, same-sex erotica has acquired its own symbol - rabbits. This is what homosexuals are called here. It is no coincidence that their god, Tu Er Shen, is depicted in the paintings dedicated to him in the form of a rabbit. But it's worth remembering that worshiping this god is dangerous, because in some places homosexuality is still a criminal offense.

Hathor. And in Ancient Egypt, one of the most respected and ancient goddesses is Hathor, the daughter of Ra. For the first time, it is mentioned in the annals that belong to the second dynasty of the pharaohs and which are already almost five thousand years old. Hathor was able to maintain the respect of the Egyptians, as she was responsible for various aspects of their lives. The goddess patronized not only love, but also music, beauty and even mining. Hathor was part of such a composite concept as the Eye of Ra - the female counterpart of Ra. The high rank was alternately worn by different goddesses, including Hathor. In the tomb of Tutankhamun, researchers have discovered a legend about the destruction of humanity. It says that at some time, at the behest of Ra, Hathor turned into Sekhmet, the goddess of war. This was done in order to punish people for their sins. But the power-hungry goddess, under the influence of blood, became self-willed. Ra himself could not even stop his daughter. It's good that he managed to make Hathor drink wine, otherwise she would have exterminated all people on the planet. And when Hathor regained consciousness, she forgot everything that she had done and returned to her former life. There is a story about how she danced striptease for her father, trying to cheer him up.

Eros. If most of the gods of love and sex for the layman still remain outlandish, then this representative of Greek mythology is familiar to everyone. Eros is the predecessor of the Roman Cupid. The Greek god of love was the son of Aphrodite and was responsible for desires and sexual attraction. Like his Roman counterpart, Eros is depicted as a boy with wings with a love weapon - a bow and arrow. The prankster loved his mother, but sometimes ignored her instructions. Thanks to Eros, one of the famous myths appeared. The young beauty Psyche began to be called the most beautiful woman in the world and even put in the place of Aphrodite. Then the goddess was angry and sent her son to the mortal, so that he struck her with his arrow and made her fall in love with a terrible monster. But Eros could not resist the beauty of Psyche, falling in love with her and taking her to his palaces. So the son once again disobeyed his mother. But for Psyche it remained a mystery who her husband really was. What kind of invisible creature saved her from a terrible fate? Then she lit a lamp deep in the night and began to look at the beautiful Eros. He learned about the betrayal of his beloved and her frivolity and fled. The beauty wandered around the Earth for a long time in search of her beloved. Finally, she was able to achieve the location of Aphrodite, received immortality from Zeus and became the wife of Eros. And from this union the goddess of pleasure Volupia was born.

Rati. The Indian god of love Kama had a wife, Rati. She plays an important role in Hinduism, responsible for love and passion. In general, Rati has many names, each of which extols her beauty. In principle, this is logical for the goddess of sex drive. Some sources consider Rati to be the daughter of Daksha, others - Brahma. In this case, she could become the reason for the suicide of the god, who desired a daughter, but could not get her. But Rati also committed suicide because of that story. But the gods are immortal. They were resurrected and continued to live. The strangest action of Rati was the affection for the mind of Shiva. This destroyer, after the death of his first wife, vowed to lead the life of an ascetic, but because of the beautiful goddess he was forced to love again. Then Shiva killed Kama in revenge, incinerating his third eye. Over time, Rati was able to beg Shiva to allow her to resurrect her husband, although he remained invisible forever.

Oshun. This goddess in the West African Yorubla religion is responsible for beauty, eroticism and love. The revered supreme being is renowned for its beauty. Oshun in general is most often depicted in either a human form with precious jewelry, or in the form of a mermaid. Among the deities of the Yorubla religion, there is no woman stronger than Oshun. But she also requires special respect for herself. They say that when the gods were just creating our Earth, they forgot to call Oshuya for help. Then she, being angry, arranged so that no one could do anything without her help. As a result, the gods had to turn to the wayward Oshun with a request. The goddess has a reputation as an honest and just creature, it is no coincidence that she is associated with fresh water - a vital treasure for local peoples. It is believed that Oshun can protect women and children during childbirth, she keeps people from terrible diseases, in particular from smallpox.

Hymen. This god, like Eros, also represents Greek mythology. Hymen is responsible for marriage and love in it. Compared to other representatives of the supreme pantheon, Hymen is not so famous. It is not even clear who his parents are. In some sources, Apollo is considered the father, and a certain Fly is considered the mother. In others, Dionysus and Aphrodite are called the parents of Hymen. It is known that the god of family ties led a very easy life, always achieving what he wanted at the expense of his beauty. But one day Hymen fell in love with a certain girl, but never received reciprocity. And in the process of courtship, she and her friends were kidnapped by pirates. Among the stolen was also Hymen, who, because of his beauty, was driven behind a woman. There is even a legend that this god generally had a hymen. Once in captivity, Hymen immediately killed the pirates and rescued the captives, convincing his beloved to marry him. And this marriage turned out to be so successful that it is considered an example and ideal for every Greek couple. Laudatory odes are sung to Hymen himself at local weddings, so that God does not forget to bless the young family.

Yue Lao. If homosexual unions have their own god in China, then why shouldn't heterosexual ones appear for him as well? In Chinese mythology, there is a deity called Yue Lao, who is also called the "Man under the Moon". This is a very popular figure who helps people of different sexes converge and enter into marriage. Yue Lao is considered a good deity, in whose hands the red threads of fate. It is he who connects the hearts of different people, forcing them to marry. And with the participation of this deity there is a legend. Once upon a time there was a certain Wei Gu who could not find a wife for a long time. But after years of unsuccessful searches, this man ran into Yue Lao, who was reading the book of marriages. The man forced God to show him his future wife, but he saw only a beggar old woman with a child. Wei Gu was afraid that the beggar girl would become his wife and ordered his servant to kill the child. But the girl managed not only to survive, but also to avoid serious injuries. After many years, Wei Gu still found a bride to his liking, but found a scar on her forehead. The girl told him that someone tried to kill her as a child. Then Wei Gu realized with horror that he had nearly killed his future bride. Most likely, he chose not to tell her about it. This story says that there is no way to resist fate and the gods who decided to arrange it.

Freya. Among the Scandinavians, this goddess had several purposes. She was not only the goddess of beauty, but also the queen of Folkwang. This place was somewhat similar to Valhalla, and half of those who died in battle ended up there after death. However, this goddess of love also had another side of her disposition. Freya was distinguished by greed, jealousy and sometimes bad deeds. The Scandinavians believe that it was she who taught people to conjure, which among the northern peoples was considered an evil occupation in itself. The scandalous goddess constantly quarreled with Loki. He constantly tried to torture her or steal her magical things. Among them was the famous Brisingamen necklace, which eventually went to Heimdall. The goddess married a mortal, Oda. And when he disappeared (most likely, he died), then Freya began to wander the earth and cry with golden tears. And the goddess of fertility and harvest traveled in a chariot drawn by a pair of lynxes.

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