The morphology of sociology

The morphology of sociology

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The basic principle of sociogenetics

Superiority tends to decline.

The original principle of socioeconomics

In a hierarchical system, remuneration is directly proportional to the attractiveness and ease of work performed.

Sartre's remark

Hell is not for me.

Zappa Law

Only two things on Earth are universal: hydrogen and stupidity.

Dykstra's law

Everyone for someone is his destiny.

Meyer's law

In many situations, what is most difficult needs to be done.

Young's principle of individualism

Everyone wants to peel their own banana.

Kogan's second law

People are usually divided into righteous and sinners, but the righteous divide them.

Abdication rules

People who are inclined to resist change do not tend to resist change for the worse.

Thyssen's law of art

As a rule, the death of an artist is a necessary precondition for his greatness.

Kent's Law of Weather

Never change your plans because of the weather.

The Python Principle of Morality

There is nothing wrong with having sex on TV, as long as it doesn't work for you, of course.

Livingston's laws of fat

1. Fat tends to build up enough to fill up any clothing you wear.

2. A fat man walks in the middle of the corridor.


Two fat people walk side by side regardless of whether they know each other or not.

Arrival law

The one who lives closest to everyone comes last.

Zadar's law of biomechanics

Striving to achieve something is inversely proportional to the limit of what is possible.

Shirley's Law

Most people stand for each other.

Thomas Conjugal Bliss Act

The duration of the marriage is inversely proportional to the cost of the wedding.

The rule of sleeping in one bed

Whoever snores falls asleep first.

Gillenson's Laws (with no sex)

1. Ignore how the stranger's voice sounds when they date you.

2. Do not pay attention to how the person looks from behind.

Colvard's logical premises

Any probability is 50%, which is the probability that something will happen or not.

Colvard's absolute commentary

This is especially true when it comes to women.

Grelb's comment on Colward's premise

The odds are, however, 90% against you.

The first principle of self-determination

You yourself become like what you fought against.

Coleridge's law

Extremes meet.

Feinberg's second principle

Memory is the servant of its master.

The last law of robots

Only mistakes made by humans are real mistakes.

Young's third law

Only after tripping over your own shoes do you start putting them away.

Burr's first law

You can see a lot by watching.

Burr's second law

A half-drunk person is prone to not being loved.

Perslug's second law

Whatever is done around, it happens.

Maxima Medodow

You cannot climb the rope by pushing it away.

Oppenheimer's law

There is no such thing as instantaneous experience.

Dizimoni's rule of knowledge

To believe is to see.

The Siddarth principle

You cannot cross the river in two steps.

Lord Belfour's approval

In life, a lot means little, and some things do not matter at all.

Farmer's Creed

Move on Saturday night, then on Sunday pray that the sown seeds will not sprout.

Ruby principle

The likelihood of meeting an acquaintance increases if you are in the company of a person next to whom you would not like to be seen by anyone.

Shit's complaint

If you helped a friend in trouble, he will definitely remind of himself - when he gets into trouble again.

Denniston's Law

Virtue is your own punishment.

Denniston's Corollary

If you've ever done something good, someone will ask you to do it again.

Bloch's commentary

Denniston's corollary applies well to the saying, "Good deeds never go unpunished." Denniston's Law has more to it.

Mason's first law of synergy

The day you sell your soul for something, it will become clear to you that the soul is an excess.

Ron's remarks about the young men

1. Acne appears just before the date.

2. A scratch on a gramophone record is always where your favorite song is recorded.

Pardo's first postulate

Anything good in life is either illegal, immoral, or obese.

Steinkopf's addition to the first postulate of Pardo

Likewise, the good things in life ... cause cancer in experimental mice and are subject to incredible taxes.

Jacobs law

Humans tend to make mistakes. It's human to make mistakes. But to pass the mistake onto someone else is even more human.

Meder's law

Whatever happens to you, it happened to others before, but in a stronger form.

Bocladge's law

Whoever laughs last may not have caught the joke.

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