The strangest parades

The strangest parades

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A parade is a solemn procession of people or technology. The history of these events is quite ancient, something similar took place in Egypt and Persia.

In modern times, parades have acquired a different meaning and content. The strangest events of this kind are worth telling in more detail.

The shortest parade in honor of St. Patrick's Day. St. Patrick's Day parades are held around the world. The very first and most famous took place back in 1762 in New York. However, Hot Springs from Alabama also became famous for this event. Here the parade in honor of the holiday was the shortest. Participants have to walk only about 30 meters along Bridge Street, one of the shortest streets in the world. The idea of ​​such a parade was born in a truly Irish style, in a pub in 2003. And the very next year, the miniature street hosted the event. Participants are not prohibited from fooling around, taking into account the theme of the holiday. So, there are Elvis dressed in green, representing the Order of Irish Marching Elvis, people are walking in costumes of pickled vegetables, presenting Irish pickles. Despite the length of the route, up to 40 groups take part in the hour parade. On this day, many other festive events are held in the town. Thus, in the Stone Kiss competition, the winner is guaranteed $ 100 if he can kiss the most passionate three-ton piece of Arkansas sandstone.

Parade of men in women's shoes. The international event aims to raise public awareness of sexual violence and gender inequality. The organizers decided to declare themselves in an unusual way. Men will be made to feel like women for a while. To do this, the participants will put on high-heeled shoes and walk a whole mile in this form. The fact is that there is an old saying: "You cannot understand another person until you have walked a mile in his shoes." It should be noted that the events are already becoming traditional, taking place each time in different cities of the country. Parades in women's shoes were invented by Frank Baird in 2001. At first it was just a small group of activists, today it is already a whole worldwide movement with tens of thousands of participants and a fund of millions of dollars. The point is that the problem of female rape is also a male problem. After all, it is stressful for relatives and friends. The organizers assure that the parade is not only an important social event, but also an entertainment - not all participants can balance on heels for a long time.

Japanese Vagina Festival. Every second Sunday in March, this strange procession takes place in the city of Inuyama. Many people have heard about the penis festival in Japan, but its antipode Ososo Matsuri takes place at about the same time, attracting not so many guests. The meeting of spring is accompanied by a feast of fertility. The parade is dedicated not only to women's health, but also to bountiful harvests and prosperity. Participants put on significant costumes; specific souvenirs are in use here. And no hesitation - it's so natural!

Parade of a thousand clowns. The attitude towards clowns is twofold - this is either a funny friend, or an embodied nightmare. Red Skelton (1913-1997) tried to leave a memory of himself and his work by creating a Museum of American Comedy. And to get people to know more about this place, a clown festival will be held in Vicennes, Indiana. This will be the brightest and most fun parade in all of America, anyone can register and take part (in the appropriate outfit). For those with a phobia of clowns, it is better to stay away from such a parade.

Mermaid parade. Coney Island, New York, has hosted this unusual and colorful parade every year since 1983. Each year, participants dress up according to the nautical theme, eventually choosing the Mermaid Queen. The main clothes here are swimming trunks and swimwear. The most daring "mermaids" wear very little on themselves, covering intimate places with shells or choosing tight flesh-colored clothes. Motorized floating vehicles also take part in the parade. 1,500 painted participants are walking before the eyes of 750,000 spectators! This procession pursues the following goals - it brings elements of fairy tales and myths to the lives of local residents, makes the traditionally inconspicuous area the center of tourists' attention and allows creative individuals to express themselves in this way. And the artists came up with the Mermaid Parade. This is the American version of the summer solstice, and water festivals have traditionally taken place in West Africa, Ancient Rome and Greece. The parade pays homage to the Coney Island Mardi Gras, which took place in the area in the early 20th century. Back then, Coney Island was New York's premier entertainment destination.

Doo-Dah parade. Every year since 1978, Pasadena, California has hosted one of the weirdest parades. It is from him that other similar and crazy events take an example. Here the green light is given to eccentrics and satirists. The idea for the parade came from a few bar patrons as an alternative to the traditional Rose Parade also held in Pasadena. Nowadays, many colorful figures take part in the parade, which gather in whole groups - this is the Army of Toy Soldiers, and the marching team of invisible people, the March of Lumberjacks. In August 1935, even an exhibition dedicated to this parade was opened. Following his example, other cities in the country hold equally eccentric events - in Columbus, Ocean City.

World Naked Bike Ride. In March, such events will take place in many places in the world. What are the strange and unusual parades without naked people? In this case, we are talking not just about a couple of naked people walking nearby, but about thousands of cyclists! The main goal of such a march is to raise awareness of such an amazing transport as a bicycle. After all, its use will make it possible to at least partially abandon oil dependence. At the same time, the participants are not required to undoubtedly be naked, but at the same time young people and old people, fat and thin, are not afraid to show their flesh. The parade takes place in London and Madrid, Mexico City and San Francisco.

Love parade. This parade, held in Berlin since 1989, can be considered the largest in the world, taking place on city streets. For two decades now, tourists from all over the world have been coming here to demonstrate their love. For the first time, only 150 people took to the streets of the German capital in 1989, it was a political action for peace and international cooperation through love and music. Over time, the number of participants increased so much that the love parade had to be moved to other cities. In 2008, 1.6 million people gathered in Dortmund, making the event the largest in the world. But after 21 people died in a stampede at the next parade and another 500 were injured, the organizers decided not to hold such an event anymore. This was done out of respect for the victims of the originally peaceful parade. But the Love Parade was a breath of fresh air in the post-communist period. Nobody stopped young people from dressing eccentrically and showing openly their sexual preferences. Participants dressed in bright and luminous, feathers and latex. And electronic dance music entertains people.

Parade of gay IT companies. Gay parades have already become an integral part of urban life. In 2012, employees of well-known IT companies such as Facebook, Google, Electronic Arts and Zynga marched through the main streets of New York and along Market Street in San Francisco. Participants carried with them rainbow flags of sexual minorities, adorned with the logos of the named companies. In San Francisco alone, there were over 400 participants. The rainbow decorated company logos, buses, umbrellas. I must say that the leadership of the information giants is very tolerant of sexual minorities. Facebook claims to support diversity in its various forms. It is no coincidence that the company even has a professional union Gay @ Facebook. And Google supports its gay employees and their families. Both companies are doing everything possible to make it easier for people of non-standard sexual orientation to communicate on social networks and search for the information they need. That is why such a parade was organized.

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