The most unusual rides

The most unusual rides

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It turns out that rides help visitors not only have fun, but also gain confidence. Most of the respondents have generally pleasant memories of their childhood.

At the same time, the happy adults argued that their brightest memories are not connected with family vacations, but with exciting attractions. To help you experience similar happiness as an adult, here are 10 of the most extraordinary attractions scattered around the world.

Tomb Quest (Boston, USA). The cost of visiting this attraction is $ 20. In Boston, the dream of many gamers has come true - to go through some kind of quest in real life. In one of the local parks, an attraction was created that looks like the tomb of the pharaohs. In this quest, participants will have to solve a variety of puzzles and riddles, avoid treacherous traps. To enter Tomb, a group of 15 is formed. They only have flashlights with them, and they are accompanied by a local guide. This expedition has to overcome a difficult maze. Literally at every step, a trap awaits people - the ceiling can collapse, the floor disappear right under their feet, fog suddenly descends or a waterfall appears. The team needs to find the artifacts scattered inside the pyramid and understand their purpose. The spirit of the pharaoh is literally on the heels of the participants. It can further complicate the passage, or it can help. The participants in the quest are delighted with him, however, they advise to go through all the tests together. It is then that there will be a chance to get out of the maze in the allotted 45 minutes.

Swing on the TV tower (Harbin, China). The thrill of this place can be had for RMB 30. The Chinese decided not to invent something original in this case, but to put an ordinary swing at the basis of the most scary attraction. To do this, they were hung on the city TV tower at a height of 213 meters from the ground. The attraction is intended for the most desperate daredevils, because not everyone dares to climb to the observation deck of the TV tower, not to mention the swing. There are quite a few people willing to try the swing, that's why the locals called this fun "a toy for the brave." In fact, the intimidating attraction is not so scary at all. After all, all its visitors put on special climbing equipment, they are fastened with safety cables. Those daredevils who dared to ride the attraction claim that it offers a stunning panorama of Harbin. It becomes especially impressive at the moment when the swing freezes at the highest point for a split second.

Attraction based on the movie "Saw" (Chertsey, UK). When creating attractions, they often use the stories of the most popular blockbusters. In them, the main character is either Batman or Superman. But in the British county of Surrey in Thorpe Park, they decided to base the attraction on the shocking horror film "Saw". After paying 40 pounds, the participant finds himself in rooms filled with terrible traps. Each of them was created by the main character of "Saw" John Kramer, known by the nickname "Death Designer". True, the effect of ingenious inventions will be tested not on the visitors themselves, but on specially hired actors. They also depict terrible things - cutting off one's own legs, sewing up one's mouth and other terrible things. When dumbfounded visitors leave the last room, they ride on a roller coaster that matches the spirit of the movie. Participants of the attraction from a height of 30 meters rush down at an angle of 100 degrees, almost upside down. Naturally, visiting such an "entertainment" complex is prohibited for children and pregnant women. Visitors are warned that they should be brave and that their shoes should be fairly sturdy and without heels.

Inverted roller coaster in the park. Gorky (Moscow, Russia). To visit this attraction, you will have to pay 400 rubles, while a seat in the first row costs twice as much. This inverted roller coaster is the largest in the world. If on an ordinary slide, sitting in a chair, you feel the ground with your feet, then in an inverted attraction you sit in a suspended chair, and your legs dangle in the air. Nevertheless, the Moscow Hill loses in many ways to its rivals. The maximum speed here is only 81 km / h, and the height is 30 meters. However, the creators of the attraction say that its advantage lies not in this, but in clever spirals, dead loops and abrupt descents. As you zip around corners, you get the feeling that the support structures are only a few millimeters away. To get the most vivid sensations, you need to sit in the first row - it is always occupied by fans of roller coasters.

Three attractions at the Stratosphere tower (Las Vegas, USA). A day pass to the tower costs $ 40, and you can ride as much as you like. The Stratosphere Tower rises above the city; there are three attractions on it at once. The first is called "Madness." It is located at the height of the ninetieth floor. A special crane lifts the chairs with a dozen daredevils and carries them out 19 meters from the skyscraper. At this height, the structure begins to twist, like a carousel. Sometimes the participants of the attraction are turned to face the abyss below. Adrenaline is also added by the fact that the participants are seated in an open chair, and not in a closed booth. The second attraction is located on the other side of the tower on the same 90th floor. Here extreme lovers ride the X-Cream swing. A special capsule with eight passengers sitting in it leaves the skyscraper twenty meters away. She freezes, leaning down. And here the front row is popular, from which it is best to observe the panoramas of Las Vegas. The third attraction of the tower is located at the height of the hundredth floor. This is a catapult with the eloquent name "Big Shot". A similar attraction can often be found in other parks. The daredevils who climbed into the chairs are gently lifted and then sharply lowered down. Descent takes place in just two and a half seconds, but for many these moments are the longest in their lives.

Swing Skyhawk (Sandusky, USA). The tallest swing in the world was built in 2006 in Ohio, at Cedar Point Park. Today, the Skyhawk ride can be visited for $ 47. The height of the structure is comparable to a ten-storey building - 31 meters. Skyhawk uses two pairs of huge swings that swing in opposite directions. As a result, the attraction seems to have two hands. The swing can rise 35 meters. At the highest point, passengers begin to screech, because for a moment the cabin freezes. After that, the swing will fly downward, accelerating to 100 km / h, which is faster than many roller coasters. The whole trip lasts about a minute, during which time up to 40 passengers can ride. True, the attraction also has limitations - visitors below 1 meter 20 centimeters are not allowed here.

Roller coaster Kingda Ka (New Jersey, USA). Many people travel to New Jersey specifically to visit the local attraction - the Kingda Ka roller coaster. It can be visited for $ 60 at Six Flags Great Adventure. Visitors are accommodated in a small trailer, which then travels at great speed to the height of the 50-storey building. In this case, the lifting is carried out almost vertically, at right angles. Visitors say they felt like flying on a rocket. Having risen to a height of 140 meters, the trailer suddenly freezes, and then begins to rush rapidly downward. In these seconds, people can even experience a state of weightlessness. But the trailer is not destined to get to the ground, it turns sharply by 270 degrees. At the end of the path, another ascent is provided, although "only" 40 meters.

5D-cinema (Moscow, Russia). Not everyone has been to 3D cinemas, and a hall with 5D has already appeared in Moscow. The cost of a session is 300 rubles. You can find this unusual cinema in pavilion 9 at the All-Russian Exhibition Center. The developers of the attraction try to use all the senses at once. Viewers are placed on special platforms that move during the film, enhancing the sense of reality. The image is, of course, surround, and the sound goes through 7 channels at once. To immerse yourself in the world of cinema even more, air movement is provided. All this is complemented by tactile sensations and smells. There is a separate room for children, however, the technologies are the same there. Only few films have been shot for this format yet, and they do not last long. During one twenty-minute session, you can watch three films at once. A ticket to this high-tech show gives you the right to visit a small planetarium, right there at the All-Russian Exhibition Center. Although the technology is quite new, in Moscow 5D movies can also be watched at the Happylon amusement park.

Edge ride (Romsey, UK). For £ 21 in Hampshire, UK you can get on the Edge ride, part of the Paultons Family Theme Park. The daredevils sit on the edge of the circular platform. This platform then begins to ride on rails that resemble a small roller coaster. The fact that the platform also revolves around its axis gives the thrill to the sensations. The length of the entire path is 90 meters, and the maximum height is 15 meters. During the journey, visitors accelerate to 70 km / h. Edge is available to anyone over 6 years old and over 1 meter 40 centimeters.

Roller coaster Ring Racer (Nürburg, Germany). Fans of high speeds simply demand more and more roller coasters. Not far from the German village of Nürburg, a glorious neighborhood with the Formula 1 Nürburgring track, the Ring Racer attraction has been built. The creators did not seek to create graceful turns, the main thing here is speed! The car even outwardly resembles a racing car, it is reported that in 2.5 seconds it will accelerate to 217 km / h. This dynamics is provided by a specially developed pneumatic starting system.

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