The most unusual beer brands

The most unusual beer brands

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How can a beer producer get the attention of a buyer? This can be done using the original recipe (even here the Scottish brewery BrewDog stands out, whose product "End of History" has a strength of 55 degrees), or you can simply give the drink an unusual and eccentric name. Let's talk about the ten most unusual beer brands invented by manufacturing companies.

I must say that the love for unusual names is more characteristic of small private breweries, which is understandable - large manufacturers are afraid to risk the release of a product with a dubious name. But some "Green Hare" porter may well become the attraction of a local pub.

Moose Drool Brown Ale. In the US state of Montana, there is a brewery called Big Sky Brewing's, which produces such an unusual beer. One of the founders of the company, Neil Lazers, explained the appearance of this unusual name: “On the label of our beer, we wanted to depict some animal living in our state. The design was done by the mother of Bjorn, my business partner. She depicted a moose bathing in a pond. I suggested giving the name to the picture, as well as to the Slobber Moose beer itself. Strange, but such an unusual name stuck. "

Porter "Milk monster" (Bandersnatch Milk Stout). The name of this drink evokes thoughts of a huge monstrous cow, while the label depicts a woman. The brewer Joe Bob Grisham named his product after the monster Bandersnatch from the famous book by Lewis Carroll "Alice Through the Looking Glass". "Milk Monster", according to its creator, has a malt aroma and a sweet aftertaste with hints of lactose.

Kilt Lifter beer. A beer with such a piquant name evokes the idea of ​​a Scotsman who decided to play pranks. And the fact that the Scots don't wear underwear under a kilt makes the name of the drink even more playful and even obscene. However, such a brand was able to gain popularity. Curiously, Moylan's Brewery used the name until it found out that in Canada there were competitors from the Four Peaks Brewery, even such a trademark was registered. The owners had no choice but to change the name of such a drink. Now this type of beer is the only one produced in Canada.

Beer "Old Engine Oil" (Old Engine Oil). Although beer with this name will alienate many, the brand still has its own popularity. The American brewery Harviestoun chose this name for its frothy drink. Chris Miller, one of the owners of the company, commented on this act: "Our brewer used to work for a Ford car company, and the color of the drink and its density reminded him of engine oil. And we are not afraid to release such a product - after all, most buyers find this name intriguing."

Beer "Druid Fluid" (Druid Fluid). This beer is offered by Middle Ages Brewing. However, the creators could not explain such a strange name for their product. The beer is famous for mixing no less than 6 different malts, and can be purchased in Syracuse, New York.

Beer "Geek Breakfast Pooh Coffee" (Geek Breakfast Pooh Coffee). This unusual name was given to their product by the Danish brewers Mikkeller. The fact is that Kopi Luwak coffee beans are added as the main ingredient to this beer. This variety has become famous for its specific processing method. The word “kopi” itself means “coffee” in Malay, and “luwak” is the local name for a small animal from the civerrid family. Animals eat ripe coffee fruits, digesting the pulp surrounding the grains, and then, during defecation, they come out. Local farmers collect the processed coffee beans, wash and dry them. Such coffee is now produced commercially in Indonesia, South India and the Philippines.

Beer "Golden Shower". This foamy drink is produced by the American brewery Dogfish Head, which also could not clearly explain this choice of name. Their website gives a simple explanation: "It's just the name of beer - that's it." However, over time, the "Golden Shower" in 2007 was renamed the "Golden Revolution".

Beer "Huge ass" (Salopian Entire Butt). One of the distributors of British brewers in the United States, Shelton Brothers, on its website told the story of such an unusual name for its product. In English, the doorman in the original sounds like "Entire Butt", "whole barrel". But the American version of this term is translated differently - "full (huge) ass".

Beer "Old fart" (Old Jock). This name was coined by the Broughton Ales brewery. The producers commented on their choice as follows: "For many centuries, the soldiers of Lowland and Highland Parks called themselves" Jocks ". Then this word meant belonging to strong warriors, whose valor was known throughout the world. Today, the word has received a different meaning, which gave rise to a very original name for beer ...

Beer "Dirty pigs" (Porkslap). The word Porkslap, it would seem, can be heard in the plain conversation of butchers. If you try to give him a decent translation, you get something like "spank the pigs." The owner of the American brewery Butternuts Beer & Ale, Chunk Williamson, explained the name of his drink. The fact is that the name of the neighboring Brooklyn brewery Park Slope was beaten. Once in his youth, Williamson moonlighted there, thinking of starting his own business, which required the name of a new type of foamy drink. In addition, there were a couple of mouth-watering pigs in mind that would have successfully decorated the new label. And in one evening the original name and its image were combined.

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