Vitalina (Vitalia)

Vitalina (Vitalia)

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Meaning of the name

Vitalina translated from Latin means "vital".


A rare name, but by giving it to your daughter, you will give her an amazing destiny. The gentleness and charm of a woman will complement qualities such as determination and courage. A girl with such a name is a favorite of her friends and at the same time enjoys authority among the surrounding boys.

Vitalina is very independent. He knows what he wants, is proud, but pays little attention to his studies. In childhood he likes to read fairy tales and adventure novels.

Growing up, she kind of studies everyone around her and tries to see among those around her whom she would like to be like. Usually he does not find an ideal and withdraws into himself. At the same age, misunderstandings begin with the parents, more often with the mother.

Vitalina usually gets married early, but almost never a peer will become her chosen one. Her adult mind is impressed by education and the ability to firmly settle in life. Having married, he rarely finds a common language with his mother-in-law.

Typical female tricks and tricks to keep a man near her are of little interest to her. Yes, they are not in her arsenal. And it doesn't matter! They are more than offset by the practical ability to control the situation and subordinate it to your desires.

However, it is easy for Vitalina to be deceived, in some matters she is very trusting, but God forbid to know her about deception. The reaction will be incredibly violent, and the grief will be inconsolable.

Vitalina is an economical housewife, she takes care of her husband and children, but she rarely takes all the household chores on herself. Vitalina's husband is in an apron, washing dishes is a common sight in the house. In general, she gravitates more towards male pursuits, and if her husband is a business man, then a good assistant is guaranteed to him.

In business, she is confident, energetic, decisive. Women named Vitaly or Vitalin feel more comfortable in the men's campaign; in the women's team they play exclusively the role of leader.


Vitalina is mobile, charming, flirtatious, she has many friends, she adores male society, knows how to captivate men with free manners, smart conversation. They are easy and simple with her, she does not burden them with responsibility, does not bother them with obsessive love.

Vitalina craves male attention, but she herself can love only once, which is why it is so difficult for her to create a harmonious relationship with her partner.

There is some anxiety in Vitalina - she seems to be afraid that she may not be noticed, not loved, not desired, and this repels some men from her, who tend to conquer women, and not surrender to them.

Vitalina does not belong to the type of romantic lover, her inventiveness in sex has no boundaries, and, unlike many other women, she is indifferent to both the time of day when an intimate date takes place, and its external attributes.

She loves variety in everything, including eroticism, boredom for Vitalina is tantamount to a death sentence. She wants everything to boil around her and life was in full swing.

Their mental balance is easily disturbed. These women simply die without love, which sometimes ends in a mental disorder: they do not know how to distinguish between feelings of sympathy and sexual attraction. Very impressionable, extremely difficult to experience betrayal.


Light green.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Aquarius, Pisces.


The sound of the name Vitalin (Vitaly) gives the impression of something light, safe, gentle.

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