Female Vietnamese names

Female Vietnamese names

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An - world

Beat - jade

Yen - peace

Cook - chrysanthemum
Kuen is a bird
Ka - first, senior
Kam - orange, orange
Kim - golden
Kim Cook - golden chrysanthemum
Kim Lee - the golden lion
Kui - precious
Xuan - spring
Quen is a bird

Lien - lotus flower
Lin - spring

May is a golden flower

Ngoc is a gem
Ngoc Beach - Precious Jade
Ngon - sociable
Nguet - the moon
Nyung - velvet

Sang - noble

Chau is a pearl
Tee - peach branch
Thu - autumn
Thi - poem, poem
Thanh - decent, intelligent, well-mannered
Thay - loyal, friendly
Tien - angel, spirit, fairy
Truk - bamboo
Tu - star
Tuen - ray
Tuet - snow-white

Phuong - Phoenix

Ha - river, ocean
Hai - the second, the other
Han is a woman with good manners
Hao is good
Hein - friendly, kind
Hoa - flower
Hong - rose
Hugh - lily, mind
Huong - pink, rose

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