Mobile phone marketing myths

Mobile phone marketing myths

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Any manufacturer seeks to promote their products, sometimes without disdaining outright deception. This situation is also true in the mobile phone world.

Pathetic phrases describe both expensive flagships and frankly budget models. Naturally, each company has its own style of presentation, favorite words and phrases.

In addition, each manufacturer has a certain set of mandatory rules, from which he tries not to deviate. For example, the ideology of leadership, on which everyone is obsessed. Only now does the buyer have any practical benefit from the former merits of the manufacturer?

In the classic case, advertising presents a novelty, highlighting its real benefits. If they were not there, then an attempt was made to find them or to offer the consumer to look at the product from a different angle. Thus, the world's best advertising aimed at informing the world about a high-quality product, and not selling unsuccessful samples.

Today, the brutal business world has changed the rules. More and more mobile phone manufacturers are sinning gimmicks, creating a bunch of marketing myths about their products.

Leading global manufacturer. This phrase is iconic for Big Business and MBA graduates. It is Leadership that they rave about and try to achieve. If the attempts are unsuccessful, then we are implanted with illusions, in which the producers remain. Almost every journalist knows that press releases from Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, LG and Motorola begin the same way - with this phrase. But there can be only one leader, and it is not difficult to find his name in sales reports. The Olympic gold medal is awarded only to the winner, not to a handful of competitors.

Large display. Almost every press release mentions a large (even 2-inch) display that is comfortable for easy operation. But all screens cannot be equally large. Today, these can be considered samples with sizes from 3.5 inches. And there are very few of them on the market. And it certainly isn't a big 2-inch display. The largest display now boasts the creation of HTC. The HD2 and Desire HD are 4.3 inches.

The perfect phone for ... Trust the voice of reason - nothing is perfect in our world. After all, if something perfect appears on the market, then there is nothing to strive for. The manufacturer and competitors can simply curtail further activities and new developments. Why spend money if the ideal is achieved? The idea is that it is impossible to achieve it at all. So, when you see the phrase "ideal for ...", know that this is either deception, or just embellishment of reality. The ideal phone model literally in six months or a year will be replaced by a new ideal heir.

The required set of functions. This phrase is so widespread, but in fact it means absolutely nothing. Usually it is used when it is necessary to paint a "wide" range of capabilities of an inexpensive mobile phone. But the concept of the required set of features is different for each buyer of the budget option. For some, a camera in a phone is absolutely unnecessary, but you have to pay for it anyway. It's easier to realize that all budget models of the same generation (or year of manufacture) are approximately the same in functionality. Their differences lie in a different area. So the phrase about a set of functions has no real meaning.

Integration with social networks. In the modern world of phones, there is nowhere without this phrase. Everyone is raving about Odnoklassniki, Contact and Twitter. Everyone wants to use them for quick self-promotion and cheap advertising. Almost everyone knows how to use social networks. For a student with an account in a number of social networks, a phone with access to them will automatically be desirable. So manufacturers are striving to declare their devices socially active. Sometimes it seems that every company has adopted a mandatory program, according to which any phone, regardless of its capabilities, should be called integrated with social networks. But typing and working in such services without a large screen and a QWERTY keyboard is simply difficult and inconvenient. And there is no difference in who you tell about it - customers or bosses. Today, virtually any smartphone or communicator with a touch screen already has such capabilities, regardless of whether the manufacturer installs some adapted program or not. But Facebook for mobile access develops its own applications for various of the most popular platforms. There are also clients for Twitter for each platform, they are obviously better than any attempts of the user himself, since they lead the market.

Equipped with widgets. Today this beautiful word is used by almost all manufacturers. Widget abuse is the lot of those whose job it is to manipulate the mind. Usually these small applications provide the ability to access online sources of information (mail, weather, the same social networks). Widgets often run in the background, which is convenient. They allow you to receive information without going online or delving into the deep settings of the phone. All you need to do is glance at the display and home page. However, a widget cannot be used to name application shortcuts or links to some sites that then open in the browser. Widgets and shortcuts are essentially different things.

Stay connected at all times. This stamp is very common, but in fact does not mean essentially anything. Simply because any mobile phone is a desirable means of staying in touch. After all, this is precisely what it is intended for. If you need mail or ICQ, then there are applications for working with them for budget phones with Java support, not to mention more complex smartphones and communicators. And the absence of GPRS in the phone is usually not a problem - just send an SMS.

Stand out from the gray mass. This pattern is also very common. At the same time, descriptions of what exactly the gray crowd is and why it is actually necessary to stand out from it is not made. This is considered clear by default. But people often answer such questions and cannot, relying on the fact that it is so accepted, and everyone should stand out. And the gray crowd is just those who did not dare to stand out quickly. But such logic is impossible to understand. In the same classics, such concepts were dispensed with. Even Pushkin did not say anything about the gray mass and did not try to stand out from it. Can't we?

Show your individuality. This hoax is one of the most grandiose in the degree of brainwashing. Who told you that the pink phone panel will immediately tell you about your personality and uniqueness? Let's face it, such an opinion automatically implies the absence of individuality as such, even in the bud. Self-deception is trying to prove yourself by buying a ringtone from a popular movie or a funny screensaver. After all, millions of the same gullible users do this. If you want to prove yourself for real - do something with your own hands, then the melody (drawing) will be truly unique. Then you can grow in your own eyes and in the eyes of your friends. You should stand out with your mind, not with the design of your phone - be adults.

Environmentally friendly. This thought, bordering on obscurantism, came to us from a well-fed and contented Europe, where people are concerned with environmental problems and are taking significant steps to correct the situation. But electronics is an area where it is difficult to care for the environment, and it is extremely easy to pollute it. So there is a marketing ploy with invented care. After all, if you do not talk about it, then this banner will be picked up by vigilant competitors, thus grabbing a piece of the pie. So, if you really want to take care of the environment, think first of all about where do you personally dispose of your batteries and batteries? And where is the old and dead equipment thrown away? To really protect the environment, one does not need to make titanic efforts and go to Shambhala. It is enough to start with yourself, without shifting your responsibility to electronics manufacturers, who, in principle, pollute nature. Electronic devices that are friendly and harmless to the environment simply do not exist now.

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