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Massage is one of the methods in modern medicine, which is used as a therapeutic, prophylactic, health-improving and hygienic means, and, in some cases, to restore and maintain overall performance. The popularity of massage and its spread has recently reached its climax. Massage conquers more and more people, there are many new techniques, "secrets" of massage. All this arouses close attention of specialists and requires detailed study at the highest scientific level. In general, massage is a combination of methods of mechanical and reflex action through vibration, friction, pressure. Massage is performed to improve self-regulation of the body, to activate the body's defense mechanisms. It is performed directly by hands, but it is possible to use special devices operating in water and air (vacuum massage). If the whole body is massaged in a certain sequence, this is a general massage, selective manipulation of massage on certain parts of the body is a local (local) massage. Also known are cryomassage (exposure to temperature), therapeutic, hygienic, sports, children's, anti-cellulite, self-massage, etc. During the massage, aromatic oils, incense, pleasant calm music, dim light are often used. These activities contribute to the complete relaxation of the body, relaxation and help to enhance the therapeutic effect of massage.

Head massage will save you from baldness. To prove the scientific version that head massage can prevent baldness has not yet been possible. However, a significant anti-stress effect and a placebo effect are provided to you. Also, during a head massage, the hair follicles are intensively supplied with oxygen and nutrients, which is what leads to positive results in some cases, but not in all.

During the massage, subcutaneous fat is "broken". As a result of the research carried out, it is safe to say that this is a great exaggeration. Yes, indeed, by means of massage, the metabolism is accelerated, the release of fat increases, and its excess "burns out". But to obtain a specific effect, massage must be combined with physical activity and diets, and the massage for weight loss itself must be carried out in long courses (at least 15 sessions).

The masseur must have great physical strength. In this difficult matter, the sensitivity of the masseur's hands is of greatest importance, and not his enormous strength. In support of this statement, in professional massage rooms you can often see a fragile defenseless woman, and not a strong, muscular man. One of the rules that will help determine the class of a massage specialist is the sensations during it, the massage should be done very deeply and painfully.

Anyone can do the massage. Massage is very easy to learn. Yes, in our time there are many literature, courses on teaching many types of massage, self-massage, and everyone can learn this, but only a few can achieve professionalism. Only an experienced specialist with many years of practice can give you a quality massage. A session with a non-professional massage therapist can cause weakness, deterioration in well-being, negative general and local reactions. Such symptoms are also possible due to an overdose of massage movements, especially in those people who have increased sensitivity.

Massage relieves dizziness. Massage can really help with dizziness. Problems arising in the cervical spine ultimately lead to periodic impairment of coordination of movements, gait instability and dizziness. A huge number of nerve endings are in the skin, and the nervous system is the first to react to it. Massage is able to influence the peripheral nervous system, which helps to accelerate the regeneration process, reduces tissue excitability, has a calming effect, and stops pain.

Thai massage is an erotic massage. In fact, this is a delusion, since the wellness Thai massage has existed for 2.5 thousand years, and the erotic massage has existed for a little over 50 years. The founder of Thai massage is the personal physician of the Buddha. To this day, Thai massage therapists have been taught in monasteries for 5-7 years, but first you need to master yoga. In general, such a massage is a medical procedure, and does not contain any piquant moments for lovers of "strawberries".

You can treat the prostate with massage. Yes, really prostate massage is one of the most effective methods of treating prostate disease. And today there is no alternative to it. Provided that the specialist performs the manipulations during the massage, there will be no pain or other unpleasant sensations.

A kiss is a type of therapeutic massage. A passionate kiss is indeed a vascular massage and helps to slow down atherosclerotic processes in the human body. Lovers of kissing less often suffer from vegetative-vascular dystonia, less often have circulatory disorders. Also, a kiss is a universal remedy for wrinkles and to maintain vitality. Kissing is a kind of vascular massage and helps to slow down atherosclerotic processes. It is noted that kissing lovers are less susceptible to vegetative-vascular dystonia, less often have circulatory disorders and are more reliably protected from stress.

Cosmetic massage is done only on the face. There is an opinion that cosmetic massage is exclusively a facial massage. This is not true. The main purpose of cosmetic massage is to maintain the elasticity of the body, slimness of the figure, and give freshness to the face. In general, cosmetic massage designed to improve the appearance is performed on any part of the body and is a form of general massage. A professionally performed cosmetic massage will bring freshness to the skin, relaxation and improvement of your emotional state.

Honey and cupping massages - salvation from cellulite. We can say with confidence that canned and honey massages perfectly treat bronchitis, but not cellulite. These types of massages have been known for a long time. Since ancient times, they were carried out with the aim of influencing the reflex zones ("collar zone") for the treatment of pneumonia, bronchitis and tonsillitis. When the area of ​​action moves to the inner and outer surfaces of the thigh, a strong painful effect is obtained, since these parts of the human body are very sensitive. Due to the painful shock during the massage, the adrenal glands of a person emit adrenaline, as a result of which the biochemical processes in the body are accelerated, and a slight temporary weight loss occurs.

The use of anti-cellulite cream during massage significantly improves the effect. In general, it is better not to use an anti-cellulite cream during anti-cellulite massage. Dry massage is much more effective than massage using cosmetics. The fact is that during the massage, due to the drainage effect, on the contrary, those creams that were used before and during it are well removed. To obtain the desired result, all kinds of gels, creams and lotions should be applied after the massage.

A four-hand massage is twice as beneficial. The so-called tandem massage, or four-hand massage, really gives a special feeling, is very useful and really saves your time almost twice. During such a massage, the patient gets entangled in the actions of the masseurs' hands and gives in to indescribable feelings. It can also be argued that the opinion that tandem massage is necessarily erotic is wrong. Massages such as Japanese shih-atsu, shower massage (Vichy massage), Thai, classical and so on are also done in four hands.

Pregnant women should not be given massage. It is safe to say that massage is not only possible for pregnant women, but also necessary. It is during pregnancy that the load on the back, cervical spine, pelvic area increases and many women experience an urgent need for massage, because massage gives a relaxing, health-improving, healing and strengthening effect.

A blind masseur performs massage better than a sighted one. The blind masseur, due to the fact that he is deprived of the opportunity to look at his surroundings, at the time of the procedure concentrates all his attention directly on the technique of the hands, on the patient's breathing, and is absolutely not distracted, but "listens" to the patient. As you know, loss of vision sharpens other senses, and hence the difference between a blind and a sighted massage therapist. However, both of them can reach the highest level in their business due to giftedness, talent and vast experience.

There is no absolutely painless massage. In massage there are many techniques for influencing body areas, and if an absolutely painless procedure is required, then the masseur's movements should be slow, smooth, and not painful. Such massage is used with a lowered threshold of sensitivity, when any pain can cause shock in a person, with neurasthenia of a hypersthenic form, etc.

Massaging your breasts can increase their size. Beautiful, firm breasts are every woman's dream. And in principle, any woman can achieve, by doing massage and hydromassage of her breasts, if not an increase in size, then, in any case, the elasticity and beauty of her breasts. As you know, in the process of massage, metabolism is normalized, lymph outflow significantly increases, blood circulation improves, skin elasticity and muscle tone increase. But it is better to refuse pressing and exfoliating massage, as there is a risk of damaging the mammary glands. Recently, aqua or hydromassage has become widespread. Water, having a gentle, gentle effect, perfectly tones and strengthens the chest muscles. In addition, a contrast shower, massage with a stream of water, dousing and massage with sea water are very useful. All of these actions can strengthen the muscles responsible for "maintaining" the bust.

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