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In the spring, construction and repair work flares up with renewed vigor. Practice shows that metal tiles will be the best choice for a roof.

Today, more than 70% of Russians prefer such material. Some of the shortcomings are just myths that relate to metal tiles.

Metal roofing is an expensive material. Builders claim that there is simply no equal to metal tiles in terms of price-quality ratio. Ondulin can be considered an analogue in cost. But metal tiles, although more expensive, have a number of advantages. First of all, it should be said that this material does not fade over time. But ondulin will lose its previous appearance after 5 years. And fake material will retain the original shine even less. It should be noted that after years of use, ondulin will look very shabby. And metal tiles have been lying on some objects for more than 10 years. At the same time, her condition and appearance do not change. Indeed, for this material 10 years is the minimum service life, but in fact it will last much longer. So to the cost of "cheap" ondulin it is worth adding the costs of its replacement and repair over a long period of operation. So it turns out that the metal tile will eventually cost less.

A lot of scraps are obtained from metal tiles. When ordering a roof, you must carefully choose your supplier. After all, he can prepare precision metal tiles in accordance with the project. In this case, the sheets will already be cut and cut in the most optimal way. Naturally, you cannot do without waste, but their volume will be minimal. But a large amount of scraps is formed when metal tiles are purchased directly in bundles on the market. At the same time, a competent calculation of the layout of sheets is simply not carried out.

In the rain, roofs with metal tiles make noise. Such roofs can indeed make noise, but only when they are incorrectly mounted. This can happen when an insufficient number of self-tapping screws are used, or they are poorly tightened. It is worth blaming for such noise and the loose fit of the sheets of metal to each other, as well as the crate. In this case, the raindrops will become a source of noise. In general, however, roofs over residential buildings always have thermal insulation, which perfectly resists external noise. Therefore, it is certainly not worth considering this problem as a global one.

The polymer coating often peels off the metal tile. It should be understood that any building material can be of different quality. If the technology was not followed in the production of steel with a polymer coating, then it can really come off. If the material is made with high quality, then the coating will last on it for tens of years. There is only one thing to advise here - it's not worth chasing a penny profit, but choosing a trusted manufacturer and supplier. Usually they give a 10-year guarantee even for the most economical class of their products, and it will last much longer. After all, the strictest control is carried out over the entire production, starting with steel rolling at a metallurgical plant, where technological standards are strictly observed.

The metal tile serves as an object that attracts lightning. That is why it is necessary to ground it. Electricians believe that any roof, even covered with slate or ondulin, needs protection from lightning. To do this, an air termination mesh is installed at the top, from which down conductors go along the facade, and a circuit is installed into the ground. In addition to this, sometimes a rod lightning rod is placed at the highest point of the roof. If the roof is metal, made of copper or galvanized, then it really is a lightning rod itself. In this regard, the metal tile is not much different from slate or ondulin. After all, the sheets are coated with a polymer coating, and there is no guaranteed contact with each other.

Metal tiles will not look good on the roofs of wooden houses. Manufacturers of houses made of profiled beams claim that about half of their customers prefer metal tiles. You can successfully choose its color, the combination of wood and metal can be quite good. So, a wooden house will become more elegant with a burgundy, brown or dark green metal roof.

With slippery metal tiles, snow will fall in avalanches. To avoid snow slides, tubular snow holders can be used. They will cut the snow mass and make it safe for people and their belongings to fall. And cars parked near the walls will feel much calmer. Snow holders should be installed around the perimeter of the roof and under the roof windows. Typically, these improvements are purchased as an add-on to the roofing system. By the way, they are necessary not only for roofs with metal tiles. After all, with a gain in mass, the snow will still come down, regardless of the coverage. Therefore, the less slippery it is, the later it will happen. Consequently, the mass of snow will be much larger.

Water will seep between the sheets of metal under the roof. A high-quality metal tile has a clear geometry. Correct installation involves the installation of overlapping leaves and their tight fit to each other. Thus, water will not be able to seep inside. And the drain process is facilitated. To do this, on the first wave each sheet has a special capillary groove. It is also important to say that any roof has a waterproofing layer underneath. And to eliminate the likelihood of leaks through the mounting holes, special self-tapping screws with a painted head and a waterproofing EPDS gasket are used. All this makes it possible to avoid leaks in the case of a properly assembled metal roof. But it is difficult to say the same about other materials. So, a roof based on bitumen does not tolerate low temperatures very well. From this they become brittle, which is fraught with damage and leaks. In the case of cement-sand tiles, the hygroscopicity of the materials from which they are made can play a bad role. The water will first be absorbed into the shingles, and then, with the cold weather, it will freeze inside. After a few such cycles, the brittle material will begin to break down. For the warm countries of Europe, this is not so scary, but for Scandinavia and for Russia it can become a problem.

If the coating is scratched, the metal tile will rust. In fact, the polymer coating that is applied to sheet steel has a fairly high resistance to mechanical stress. This applies to both budget polyester and very durable polyurethane. That is why surface scratches do not compromise the integrity of the coating. And even if that happens, the steel will remain protected with a primer, anti-corrosion layer and zinc coating. The blame for corrosion on roofs with metal tiles should not be blamed on bad material, but on unscrupulous installers. According to the rules, in no case should you cut coated steel with a conventional grinder. After all, then in the place of the cut the protective layer burns out, and the flying sparks will spoil it in the neighborhood. To properly cut metal tiles, you must use either cut-through scissors or a special drill attachment. All manufacturers constantly mention this in their instructions, but not all masters pay attention to this. It is worth remembering that after cutting the leaves, the cut edges must be tinted, which also applies to scratches made through carelessness. Corrosion can also appear when self-tapping screws are used during the fastening of the roof; it is not intended for this at all. After all, they must have a protective paint and an EPDM gasket.

It is difficult to mount metal tiles. Experts say that this exercise in skilled hands will not take much time. The fact is that the metal tile is not a type-setting coating, it must be laid in whole sheets. In the summer, this will be done faster than in the case of bitumen-based materials. After all, they begin to swim because of the unbearable heat for them. So you have to work only in the morning and in the evening, which in the case of metal tiles is excluded.

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