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Sergey Vladimirovich Mikhalkov is a writer, chairman of the Union of Writers of the RSFSR, writer, poet, fabulist, playwright, war correspondent during the Great Patriotic War, Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of Lenin and Stalin prizes, academician of the Russian Academy of Education, holder of the Order of St. Andrew the First-Called.
Sergey Vladimirovich Mikhalkov was born on February 28, 1913. Moscow is the hometown of a great man. Sergei's father managed to instill in his son a love of poetry. The boy grew up on the verses of Pushkin, Yesinin, Bedny and other poets.
Between the dates of birth (February 28, 1913) and death (August 27, 2009) of an outstanding person, there are many historical events that Mikhalkov witnessed. And Sergei Vladimirovich himself made a great contribution to literary activity.
The first Poems of Mikhalkov appeared in print in 1928. The famous poem by Mikhalkov "Uncle Styopa" was published in 1935, and in 1936 the first collection of Sergei Vladimirovich was published.
Mikhalkov joined the party in 1950. S.V. Mikhalkov devoted much of his time to social activities, held many important positions related to literary activity. He headed the Moscow Writers 'Association, was the chairman of the Writers' Union of the RSFSR. He also held other important positions. S.V. Mikhalkov is the author of Soviet and Russian anthems. He composed the lyrics for the hymns of 1944, 1977 and 2000.

S.V. Mikhalkov is of noble origin. An interesting fact is that the roots of the Mikhalkov surname go back to the time of Ivan the Terrible. However, Sergei's father - Vladimir Alexandrovich Mikhalkov - hid the noble origin of his son. Therefore, Sergei Vladimirovich began his labor activity as a simple worker. Along with this, Mikhalkov wrote poetry and stories. But the fact remains: the Mikhalkov family is ancient. Moreover, the genealogical tree indicates that the Mikhalkov family has close ones with the genus thick and distant ones with N.V. Gogol.

Sergei turned out to be a very capable person. A talent for poetry showed up at the age of nine. The famous poet Andrei Bezymyanny gave a positive opinion about the poetry of a nine-year-old boy. The first poems of Sergei Mikhalkov appeared in print in 1928, a year after he and his family moved to the Stavropol Territory - to the city of Pyatigorsk. The first published poem was the poem "The Road". He could be seen in the magazine "On the Rise". Sergey arrived in his hometown (Moscow) immediately after graduation. In the first years of his career, Mikhalkov worked at a weaving factory (for three years), and was also a member of a geological exploration expedition (which was organized to East Kazakhstan and the Volga). However, Sergei Vladimirovich successfully combined these affairs with literary activity: since 1933, Mikhalkov has been listed as a freelance employee in the letters department of the Izvestia newspaper. He is a member of the Moscow Writers' Group Committee. In the period from 1935 to 1937, Sergei Vladimirovich studied at the M. Gorky Literary Institute.

Sergei Mikhalkov knew the history of the twentieth century firsthand. Sergei Vladimirovich was born when monarchical orders reigned in Russia. At the age of four, Mikhalkov, still unknown to anyone, met a revolution that abolished the power of the tsar. The whole life of the Soviet Union passed in front of Sergei Vladimirovich. The "childhood" of the USSR coincided with the childhood of Mikhalkov. And all the more difficult was the already well-known Sergei Vladimirovich Mikhalkov, the collapse of the Soviet Union - a state to which he was devoted with all his heart. At that time S. Mikhalkov was 78 years old. Sergey Mikhalkov died at the age of 96 already in the new state - the Russian Federation. This happened on August 27, 2009.

Sergei Mikhalkov is a man of unique talents. In his long life, he was a poet, a writer, a playwright, a fabulist, and a publicist. During the Great Patriotic War, Sergei Vladimirovich worked as a war correspondent. Mikhalkov composed the texts of hymns for the USSR and the Russian Federation.

1936 dramatically changed Mikhalkov's life. This year is notable for the publication of S. Mikhalkov's poem Svetlana in the Pravda newspaper. Especially the fact that this wonderful poem really liked I.V. Stalin. From that moment on, Mikhalkov's fame is growing every day. In 1937 he is already a member of the Writers' Union. Mikhalkov is actively publishing. Collections of his poems and fables are constantly being published. Sergey Vladimirovich received the first Order of Lenin in 1939.

Sergei Vladimirovich Mikhalkov devoted a huge amount of time to social activities. This is evidenced by the following dates. In the period from 1965 to 1970 he headed the Moscow Writers' Organization. During 1970-1992, Mikhalkov was the chairman of the Union of Writers of the RSFSR, at the same time he was the secretary of the board of the Union of Writers of the USSR. In 1992-1999, Sergey Vladimirovich served as co-chairman of the executive committee of the Society of Writers' Unions. At the turn of the second and third millennia, Sergei Mikhalkov accounts for the activity of Mikhalkov as an honorary chairman of the executive committee of the International Society of Writers' Unions.

The state appreciated the merits of Sergei Mikhalkov. His work lives in the minds of children and adults. His words unite the hearts of all the inhabitants of our country. Sergei Vladimirovich himself received the high title of Hero of Socialist Labor. This man was a laureate of the Lenin and Stalin Prizes. Mikhalkov became a laureate of the USSR State Prize three times. Sergei Mikhalkov was also awarded the Order of St. Andrew the First-Called.

Mikhalkov was awarded the Order of the Holy Apostle Andrew the First-Called. This event dates back to 2008. On March 3, when Mikhalkov turned 95, Putin signed a decree awarding this order to the outstanding writer. It is very important because this award is the highest award of the state. Sergei Vladimirovich Mikhalkov was worthy of her. He made a significant contribution to the development of literature. Throughout his life, he was engaged in social and creative activities.

Sergei Mikhalkov is the author of the poem "Uncle Styopa". She, like other poems by S. Mikhalkov - "Three Citizens", "Stubborn Thomas", "Merry Tourist", "My Friend and Me", etc. - were included in the first collection of poems of a talented person. Its release dates back to 1936. The poem itself was published a year earlier - in 1935. The poem "Uncle Styopa" became one of the most expensive and beloved works both for the writer and for his readers. "Uncle Styopa" went deep into children's souls. More than one generation of children has grown up on this work. It is immortal. The glory of Sergei Vladimirovich instantly spread among the children and adults immediately after the appearance of "Uncle Stepa". Many associated the image of a brave and kind giant with the appearance of Mikhalkov himself. The first illustrators of the poem "Uncle Styopa" depicted the main character with the face of its creator, Sergei Vladimirovich. The poem "Uncle Styopa" was very quickly translated into the languages ​​of all the republics of the Soviet Union.

S.V. Mikhalkov is a war correspondent. Sergei Vladimirovich was drafted into the army in 1939. He participated in the liberation of Western Ukraine (already in this campaign Mikhalkov began his literary activity in the front-line army press). During the Patriotic War, Mikhalkov worked as a war correspondent. The newspapers "Stalinsky Sokol", "To the Glory of the Motherland" published his works. Sergei Vladimirovich traveled a heroic path along with the troops, so his articles, essays, humorous stories, political articles and notes in front-line newspapers were understandable and close to the belligerent population. Mikhalkov was even shell-shocked. A man as energetic as Mikhalkov could not be idle for a minute: during those years he wrote a screenplay for the film "Frontline Friends", for which in 1942 he received the USSR State Prize. Remembering his war years, Sergei Vladimirovich told about the next case that he remembered. It was a frosty night. Mikhalkov at the field airfield was asked to perform a combat mission of Soviet pilots. On board the planes were a large number of leaflets with poems by Sergei Mikhalkov. They were addressed to the partisans. They should have encouraged them.

After the Great Patriotic War, Sergei Vladimirovich continued his literary activity. The writer is working on the creation of children's works, for young spectators Mikhalkov writes plays for performances in theaters. A talented person also works on scripts for cartoons. "Three plus two", "The Great Space Travel", "The New Adventures of Puss in Boots" - famous films shot under the scripts of Sergei Vladimirovich.

Sergei Mikhalkov is the author of the anthems of the USSR and the Russian Federation. In 1944, together with El-Registan, Mikhalkov created the text of the USSR anthem (it was he who won the national competition), and in 1977, Sergei Vladimirovich edited the first text of the National Anthem (this was necessary after the adoption of the new Constitution of the USSR). The second edition is notable for the fact that the name of JV Stalin was absent in the hymn. The third edition of the anthem dates back to 2000. The President of the Russian Federation Putin approved the words of the anthem composed by S.V. Mikhalkov. Sergei Vladimirovich said in one of his interviews that when composing the words of the anthem, he wanted this anthem to be completely suitable for an Orthodox country. The writer admitted that this creation is very close to his heart. Thus, if for children a kind of password (which accompanies them in childhood) is the combination of the words "Uncle Styopa", then for the adult part of the population - one word: a hymn. The uniqueness of the situation is that history no longer knows of such a case that the words of as many as three sovereign hymns were written by the same person.

Mikhalkov worked in almost all genres of literature. He achieved amazing results in prose, poetry, journalism, drama, criticism. Has successfully created scripts for cartoons and films. Sergei Mikhalkov is deservedly considered a classic of poetry for children. Probably, there is no such child who, going to school, does not know such poems of Mikhalkov as "Uncle Styopa", "What do you have?", "Holiday of Disobedience" and many others. They were reprinted more than once, translated into different languages ​​and have always enjoyed (and will continue to enjoy) the love of children and their parents.

"Father" is a documentary film about Sergei Mikhalkov. It was created by the son of Sergei Vladimirovich - Nikita Mikhalkov - in 2003. In this film, Nikita Mikhalkov, a famous film director and actor, spoke about the Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky dynasty.

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