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A company or project cannot exist impersonally - it needs a name. It's time to debunk these myths and understand that creating a brand name requires a serious approach, and sometimes even a separate item in the budget of a young project.

The name of the company is the same as the brand. It is necessary to distinguish between these concepts. The name of the firm or its product forms part of the brand. To connect concepts is to demand too much from a simple name. The name becomes a brand only in relation to such elements as slogan, logo, general visualization, communication with the client. If we consider the world's most famous brands separately from their characteristics, then they will not stand out from competitors in any way. An example would be Ebay. For several decades, its name did not say anything about globality and leadership. But along with the logo, visual design of the idea, its own history and hundreds of millions of satisfied ideas, a famous brand appeared, almost the best among the world's retailers. Sometimes they try to fit customer expectations phrases into short names consisting of several letters: “innovative technologies”, “secure systems”. But it is foolish to demand this from the name. It does not in itself convey the history of the company, its benefits for the client and the values ​​it preaches. But the brand can do it.

You have to fall in love with the invented name. It is a myth that the name should definitely be liked. When we try to come up with something for ourselves, then it is implied that the wishes of customers are sidelined. It should be understood that the author of the title is usually not a representative of the target audience, which should like the word. Again, it is worth asking the question - why and for whom this company is being created in general. It is likely that you might like some foreign slang word. But will the client understand it?

The main thing for a name is memorability. The importance of this factor cannot be underestimated, but at the naming stage it is not so important. How is it possible, simply by looking at a list of words, to determine which of them will be better remembered? The memorability of a company name is directly related to branding. It is created gradually, thanks to communication with the client and does not depend on the name itself.

It is better to choose short names. In this case, not the number of letters determines the success of the company, but the number of its users. Thus, the Chevrolet brand is better known than Geo. It's just that there are more potential buyers of middle-class cars in the world than professional travelers. People often try to limit their list to one or two syllable names. Sometimes the syllable that will be present in the domain name is added to the name, for example, However, modern practices show that a project with a long name can be quite successful.

You can come up with a name in five minutes. The time allotted for naming is determined by specific goals. If the task is to come up with a couple of hundred names in a few hours for projects in which it is not planned to communicate with clients in a quality manner, then it is better to use word generation services in general. If the name is to attract customers, then this issue will have to be taken seriously. With the help of correct naming, a product entering the market can get a certain head start. However, the opposite effect is also possible.

All the best names have already been used by someone. It seems so only at first glance. The Russian language is rich and diverse, it will certainly help to realize the original idea. The situation is similar with the English language. It cannot be ignored, even if the company does not plan to enter the international market. Too much in the digital world is tied to Latin characters. In these two languages ​​there are many tools for creating an original name - these are acronyms, neologisms, analogies, compound words, and so on.

The domain for the name cannot be found. Continuing with the previous myth, it may seem that all eligible domains are already occupied by someone. It is best to take into account the possibility of registering the corresponding site when creating a name. Even if the domain name is occupied, you can try to solve the problem through negotiations. According to WHOIS data, it is easy to identify the owner, you need to write to him, talk to the registrar, you may need the help of an intermediary. He will negotiate. Usually the price of the issue is several hundred dollars, but, depending on the budget and tasks, it can grow significantly.

The name of the company must start with the first letters of the alphabet (A, B, C) and end with the last one (Z). Do not limit yourself to such symbolism. The company should have such a name so that the client understands what is being offered to him. The consonance of the name with the names of investors, the correspondence to the alphabet, to your favorite word is a secondary matter. It is important to focus on the specific criteria for a good name chosen from the list. The name is not enough just to sound "right".

The name should be created by analogy with "Microsoft" or "Apple". How many people want their company name to be associated with something small (micro) or with some kind of fruit, vitamin (apple)? Such words are strongly associated with a popular and expensive brand, innovation and progress. Having created, conditionally, a technology company called Peach, one will have to match this image. How many people are ready to invest millions to turn an unknown project into a resounding and high-quality brand? Otherwise, customer expectations will not be met.

A company name doesn't have to be fancy or fun. You need to understand in which cases you can fool around, and when not. If the project is entertaining and the product is aimed at young people, then the name may be funny. True, there is always a risk that not all of the target audience has the right sense of humor. It's even worse when one's own wit is judged subjectively. Then you will have to laugh at the name yourself. And most often, when choosing a name, creativity does not go well with humor.

Customers' opinions must be taken into account. You can test the product on customers, but the name of the company should be chosen without considering their opinion. If a project is young, nothing is known about it - neither the principles of work, nor the values ​​preached. When it comes to rebranding, customers will be too attached to the old name. People's opinions will be subjective and have nothing to do with marketing research.

It makes no sense to check the name with words in other cultures and languages. Even if the company is aimed at the domestic market, over time, it will probably have to face foreign partners. This can be clients, suppliers, outsourcers. And the name of the company in their language may sound discordant. So, "pajero" in Spanish means "bum", "telemon" in Thai means "sex with your mother" and so on. To create a local brand for other markets, additional costs will be required.

The name should appeal to the secretary and office managers. Do not involve too many people in creating the name. The name will never be liked by all participants in the discussion. So if the secretary doesn't like the name, that's okay. Probably, naming specialists see the importance of a name in the market in a very different way than an ordinary office worker.

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