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Body cleansing

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Often many of us are in a fight with ourselves (be it overweight or allergies, dandruff or constipation). In other words, we cleanse our body, but is it necessary to boldly rush to business after reading the text that calls us to cleanse?

The body cleans itself. That's right: our organs are working on this all day and all night: kidneys, lungs, skin, intestines. When we talk about "cleansing the body" we only mean the normalization of metabolic processes. In other words, we make our organs work correctly.

Cleansing with oil is insanely good for the liver and gallbladder. We are often asked to "clean" in this way, while the proposers assure us that even stones can come out with this method of cleaning! In fact, we get a huge load on the gallbladder, which throws out bile clots. It is these clots that are sometimes mistaken for stones. It is also worth noting that usually neither the “advising” nor the “accepting” advice knows the state of the pancreas, and yet such ignorance can provoke an attack when trying to cleanse with oil. What to say about cases of such cleansing with pancreatitis? Anything can end in necrosis.

You need to cleanse yourself with enemas! It's no secret that enemas are monstrously unnatural for our body. Their use can be justified only in a few cases - if the patient, say, lies after the operation, and there is no stool, or if a doctor's examination is to be done. Therefore, those who use enemas too often destroy themselves: the intestines begin to be lazy, ceases to work properly due to the washing out of all useful microflora, moreover, you can get a serious complication (intestinal perforation, say).

Then cleanse with laxatives. We all know who often uses this "cleansing" technique. Models! And also girls who think they are models. People do this so that metabolic processes occur more quickly, thus, providing a good figure. The figure is really great, but what about the intestines? He completely or partially loses the ability to contract ...

I lose weight - I cleanse. More often than not, overweight people decide to lose weight. But how do they do it? Often they just use various "fat burners" or "cleaners" that work on the same principle: reduce appetite and destroy fats. But everyone knows that when you lose a few pounds at such a rate, you will definitely gain even more weight. In other words, cleansing doesn't mean losing weight. Real weight loss is a rather time-consuming process that requires lifestyle changes. And, as we know, such long-term sacrifices are too much for most people.

You need to cleanse under the supervision of a doctor. True. Don't give yourself over to the layperson (that is, yourself). Trust your body to people who know, if, of course, you want to feel weightlessness and lightness, and not heaviness and apathy. It is worth saying that a hydrotherapy session to improve intestinal motility is a beneficial effect. However, before this procedure, it is necessary to conduct almost a study of the entire large intestine, its microflora, you also need to first measure the intraintestinal pressure, determine the reaction of the intestine to temperature and do many other studies.

You only need to clean what is dirty. True, but it becomes "dirty" only after a certain break between cleanings. Do not think that "the more I clean, the healthier". In addition to harmful substances, you will also wash useful ones.

Getting rid of parasites is not at all necessary. This sounds crazy. Oncological and chronic diseases in 60% of cases are caused by parasites! Asthma is often of a parasitic nature, the cause of constipation can be profuse helminthic invasion, even pain in the joints and muscles can be provoked by parasites, since they (parasites) often move through the human body in order to find the most convenient places for life, which are muscles. joint fluid. From all of the above, we can conclude: those who consciously cleanse their body can resist diseases. Those who do not monitor the state of their body run the risk of acquiring a bunch of problems, which can be difficult to get rid of. In conclusion, we will say once again that the approach to cleaning the body must be strictly individual, must be controlled by a specialist.

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