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Have you created your website, but it is not profitable yet? The Internet is full of recipes on how to promote it and how it should be for this. Only now, most of these statements turn out to be ordinary myths.

The site must be made initially ready, so that later it will not be added or redone. This is not true, the laws of the Internet dictate that the site must constantly live, being filled with new content, changing and supplementing. Otherwise, a static site, even if it was made initially as fully as possible, can be perceived by search engines as not working and running.

Website promotion is very expensive, this pleasure is available only to the websites of large organizations. This statement is only half the truth. More often than not, promotion requires personal time and effort. If you appreciate them, then promotion is really expensive. You ask - why do specialized agencies charge high fees for promotion? This is due to the fact that the process itself is laborious. You can do a lot yourself, waste your time, but save money.

The work on site promotion ends as soon as it appears on the first lines of search results. Any promotion brings results only when they are constantly engaged in it. And such action and the struggle for the result should be carried out constantly while the site exists. If you "let go" of the situation, then the site will gradually begin to lose positions, sliding down in the ranking under the pressure of more active competitors.

If you order website promotion for specific search queries, then the search engine will also respond to synonyms. It will be considered a mistake that if there is a promotion for the phrase "translation of technical texts", then according to the result of the query "technical translation" the site will still be in the first places. In fact, the site needs to be promoted across the entire set of search queries. Often just compiling such a list can take a lot of time and effort.

To attract visitors to the site, it is necessary to compose large texts that will tell you in maximum detail about the items or services of interest. Do not forget who is the sister of talent. When applied to the Internet environment, the brevity rule is even more critical. A feature of the human eye is the inability to perceive large texts from the screen. If the amount of material is so large that it cannot be reduced, start structuring it, breaking it into sections.

The text of the site is written exclusively for search robots, the density of keywords is very important, the adequacy of the text and its readability are secondary parameters. This statement is only partially true - optimization is needed, but you shouldn't overdo it either. Search robots should undoubtedly see the necessary queries on the site page, however, robots are constantly improving, they begin to understand grammar and style. Bots find and count grammatical errors, determine the coherence of the text. Therefore, thoughtless saturation of the site with keywords may not give the desired result.

Any site can be promoted. Experts clearly answer - "no". Often, in addition to rewriting the text of the site, you have to change its entire structure, sometimes changing the page name helps, and sometimes changing the domain name.

If the site is good, then it doesn't need promotion either. How, then, will it be found by visitors? Even an ad in a newspaper or on a forum, or a bigboard with the URL of the site will still be considered its promotion, even if it is considered to be such an offline promotion on the Internet.

The site can be promoted relatively quickly. Indeed, you can promote it quickly, but, as practice shows, not for long. In the usual way, website promotion takes from two to six months, then the first results will appear. If someone proposes to promote it in a couple of weeks, then black methods of optimization and rating boost will obviously be used, such a site will most likely get a "ban", that is, it will stop being indexed by search engines altogether. In this case, the site will either have to be buried or allowed to serve his sentence. In this case, there will be no talk of any profit.

If you need texts for a website, then it is best to look for them on the Internet, because you can't write anything better yourself. Why do many people ask for a bicycle? The answer is that sites with non-unique content, which are simply copied from the web, do not deserve the attention of search engines, therefore, their ranking does not grow. This is because such information has already been found somewhere earlier. This is the logic of a search robot. Therefore, you should either write all texts yourself, or order from copywriters, rewriters, journalists or philologists.

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